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Russ Boyce
Lead Singer - Rhythm Guitars


Russ started singing and stomping around the stage in 2002 with 8MM Star, the Columbus Ohio based cover band. 
They would cover anything from Dave Matthews Band to Rage Against the Machine. 
Russ’s vocal style is difficult to pin down and a wide range of vocal comparisons have been made all that can be known
for certain is that he isn’t shy about jumping to what the songs move him to do.

After short stints with other bands in the Columbus area, Russ moved back to his native Pittsburgh picking up with a few small cover bands
GAS and Long Time Coming.   Russ joined up with 9sundays in 2012 taking over as the lead singer after the release of the bands 1st CD “Same to Me”.  Helping to create the follow-up CD “Cage” and the latest release “ Beautiful Day” are great sources of pride for Russ and he is looking forward to new and exciting experiences the upcoming years have in store for 9sundays. 

Russ uses a Jackson Guitar with a Carvin Amp. 
He also prefers Sennheiser microphones but won’t complain if you slip a Shure in on him

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